Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "L" Word

Growing up I was taught the L-word was Layers.  To stay comfortable you needed layers.  I had layers of blankets on my bed, would wear multiple socks, layers under my jeans, and most importantly the torso.  Well, covering my head was probably most important for warmth, but the ability to add and remove layers kept me comfortable all day long.  Not uncommon to go to the woods for the day with a t-shirt, a long sleeved t-shirt, and and over shirt or sweater all under a light-weight jacket.  My favorite layer was the sweater.
I have always had a number of sweaters.  Before the "Ugly sweater party" was popular, I had a closet full of them!  Even now I have a countless collection of sweater, but my favorites are what I call the magic or elfin sweater.  The light weight merino wool (wool is the only way to go) sweater, a tad small so it doesn't have extra fabric that can get in the way.  If it has some caulk or tar on it or get a small hole in a non-vital location, then it become a classic Wedel-Way sweater, adding to the magic.  Magic in that it is itch free, warm, cool, and has the protection factor of chainmaile from Arda.  I don't think it is bullet proof, but it maybe blade and nail proof, and possibly even chainsaw resistant (like Wedel-way jeans)!  And they makes me feel good, the right combination of warm and cool, sexy even.  I have brown, charcoal, even a dark purple one and a couple black ones, the cashmere with a couple holes is my lucky sweater. ;)
So under a waterproof shell, a wool sweater is the prefect layer in the cold half of the year, joining my Exofficio's as the most import part of my wardrobe.

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