Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby RC's first tramp stamp

I saw this on the news and reminded me of a book I read, Jennifer Goverment, so I started playing with it. I suppose there is some invasion of privacy or some evil historical events that make this a bad idea, but what if we tagged our children.
point your barcode reader at that!
and you could put a lot more info in it, address, phone number, allergies...
see... I know we all love our children and would do anything to protect them, but have I gone overboard? I suppose when we have to fear the minority of evildoer and protect our information as much as our babies maybe not as good an idea as I would like. And what if you move a lot, do make a whole belt line of tats? Temporary tats!! Oh wait, the kidnappers can rub that off. Is there such a thing as a shallow tat that only lasts a year? Or the GPS chip embedded in the neck, yeah! 
So I sit here with my little angel strapped across my chest thinking of how I can keep her safe. Feed, change, and swaddle her in love will be the first steps, chips, tats and leashes can come later.

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  1. We do understand.. the most important lessons you can teach your baby girl are how to recognize danger and what to do about it. You'll do fine, daddy-o.
    HA... moving a lot, I'd have been one totally tatted kid, but who's to say that military brats didn't have the first micro-chips without knowing it, eh?