Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you Easter Bunny!

I don't know how to tell this story. I have been mulling it for a couple weeks now. Is it an Easter miracle or April Fools story? Maybe neither, I guess it depends on belief vs luck, good plan vs good fortune... OK here goes.
As previously blogged, I am the proud pappa of a happy healthy baby girl. But it wasnt always a fore gone conclusion, as we were on pins and needles for the first couple days. Especially the first night, when our precious was getting boxed up for a deep space mission and shipped off to OP NICU to try to solve the white cell count and SpOx problems. Thank fully Dr House was not working there, come to think of it I'm not sure who was working on that little girl.
I don't think anyone would think of me a religious guy. Yeah, I believe in a lot of things, the number sixty-nine... the small of a woman's back... high fiber... and most of Crash Davis's list. I also have strong evidence to help me believe in a god. A creator/helping hand with a typical hands off approach to the silly people on this planet. I also believe God is female, but that might be a future post.
So faith with an (un?)healthy does of cynicism. I am not one to ask for help usually. And when it comes to prayer, well, I have had my belief fortified. I have prayed for divine intervention twice in my life. The first time it was answered but taught me a valuable lesson, be careful what I wish for, as I asked god to make my parents stop arguing... they did and separated and divorced soon after. In the grand scheme of things it was a good thing but the kind of thing that can shape a teenager.
So as the minutes ticked towards the close of March, I lay on possibly the most uncomfortable sleeper sofa, physically and emotionally exhausted, I sent out a silent prayer. Something along the line of make my little girl be OK, as if nothing was ever wrong in the first place." Well, that was answered also, while she had a 7 day stay at the hotel NICU, baby RC showed fight, pulling her intubation out during the ride to OP and vast improvement as her white cell count was back into normal range the next morning. By the time mom got out of the hospital, our bundle of joy had a little jaundice and an IV to complete the antibiotic regiment, but was otherwise healthy! Amazing!! What ever it was or is, I am thankful.
Welcome to the world little Rowan!!!!!!
watch her grow...

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